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The history and legacy of Idaho Frank Associates, Inc. (IFA) spans the past 60 years. Idaho Frank Associates has built a unique worldwide reputation as a highly specialized source for dehydrated potato products with an unsurpassed network of distribution and supply.

IFA is recognized around the world as a unique specialist in all aspects of dehydrated potato supply. We take great pride in our global scope as well as national perspective. IFA currently supplies potato ingredient throughout all world markets with current expansion of operations underway within the USA, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.


January 2016 - We have recently made a dramatic expansion in our supply capabilities in Sweet Potato ingredients. We now offer an expanded selection of Sweet Potato Flakes , Flour, and Granules.

December 2016 - We now offer an expanded range of Frozen French Fry products, including regular and non-coated selections suitable for both Retail and Food Service applications.


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